Essay about Effects Of Pesticides On The United States Of Agriculture

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In the past, I have been guilty of eating grapes in the store without buying or washing my fruit off. When I bought the grapes from the grocery store I did not think to check and see if the grapes had a USDA organic sticker on them. I didn’t think about all of the chemicals that are sprayed on the fruit either. It never occurred to me when I bit into the grapes if I was eating a nutritious snack, or pesticide poison. Up to 98% of our fresh fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticide in the United States alone. The pesticide’s that are used are supposed to protect our fruits and vegetables, but they are doing more harm than good. The United States of Agriculture (USDA) government should be required to grow all fruits and vegetables organically. Most people think when they hear “organic” it’s another fancy name or gimmick to get more money out of shoppers when shopping for fruits and vegetables. That’s not the case at all, organic is the term used for foods that are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Organic is much healthier and is grown healthier. The levels of flavonoids found in organic tomatoes are seventy-nine to ninety-seven percent higher than in non- organic tomatoes’ (pg47). Organic foods hold higher amounts of flavonoids which protects the body from heart disease and cancer. When you eat organically you eat you fruit and vegetables without pesticide residue. Montreal University in 2010 did a study showing that children with…

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