Effects Of Pesticides On The Environment Essay

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Pesticides are commonly used in the agricultural activities worldwide, and it is almost impossible to produce the huge amounts of agricultural products without using pesticides in the modern world. Besides the benefits of using pesticides, it is important to notice the dangerous of using them. Pesticides are some chemicals which are toxic to the insects in order to prevent damages from them. In addition, some of the pesticides will pollute the environment, and the most important fact is that pesticides are also a toxic chemical for human. There are numerous types of pesticide can be used in the field, and researches stated that people will be affected if they expose to pesticides without proper protections. Moreover, some pesticides had been banned by the government because of their adverse effects on human or the environment. For example, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) was banned because it is harmful to the environment. Because pesticides are part of produce, the safety of the pesticides presented in products is a major concern for public. Other than the general public, another group of people directly affected by this issue is farmers. They usually work in the farm for a long period of time. Therefore, they have a high risk of exposures to pesticides. Pesticide exposures is one of the major occupational hazards in the country, and it caused serious health issues. This paper reviewed several scientific articles in order to demonstrate the associations between…

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