Essay on Effects Of Parental Substance Use And Abuse Among Children

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Impacts of Parental Substance Use and Abuse Among Children Is your family dynamic positive or negative? Is everybody in your family stable both physically and emotionally? In the event that you answered positive to the main question and yes to the second question, then you’re viewed as fortunate. There’s been known to be a large group of individuals who live in a family situation that isn’t ideal, which both physical and emotional torture on many levels due to their parent’s dependence on substances. Regardless of the intensity of the case, social workers have the ability to help these people through attempting to find solutions to the family issues with the end goal being to better everybody’s wellbeing. Therefore, for the social worker profession, it’s critical to known and understand the amount of children in the United States that live in a home that have parents who frequently mishandle substances – such as drugs and alcohol – which, in turns, has a negative effect in one’s immediately and future lives. Some children are more at risk for having a parent who will develop, or has already developed, an issue with substance use. The most evident at-hazard population are guardians who consistently take drugs and consume liquor as an approach to escape reality and their daily issues. At times, the utilization of substance use can be evident to professionals (such as social workers, doctors, etc.). Nonetheless, there are times that parents have fooled experts into seeing…

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