Effects Of Parental Involvement In Education

Effects of Parental Involvement on Child’s Education
Understanding factors child’s education is extremely important in designing policies that will facilitate learning. However, measuring improvements in education and effects of various policies can be a difficult task due to various socio-economic, academic and even health-related effects that also affect how child learns. Nevertheless, researchers have identified a variables that play an important role in child’s education and that is parental involvement. At earlier stages of school, teachers stress importance of parental involvement more, but by the time they reach middle school, they seem to neglect its importance. To analyze the article called Parental Involvement in Education and talk about cause and effect of parental involvement in education.
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Turns out, parental involvement in child’s education is a strong predictor of student outcomes and dropout rates, making it an extremely important factor in child’s academic development. Susan L. Dauber and Joyce L. Epstein have shown that what contributes to increasing parent-child communication is school’s beliefs and practices. Additionally, there are some other socioeconomic factors affecting parent’s involvement, however, school’s role in promoting it is extremely important. If school is enthusiastic about promoting cooperation between parents and children, then we see improvements in outcomes, however, unfortunately, school can strongly discourage this process due to the beliefs help by teachers. To solve this problem, we need to design policies that improve understanding of this relationship, cause and effect relationship between parental involvement and educational outcomes, explore the factors that hinder parental involvement and design policies that will help address this issue, and result in better outcome for

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