Effects Of Overuse Of Cell Phones On Young Adults Essay

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Impacts of Overuse of Cell Phones on Young Adults
Cell phones have become and extension in our life; for instance we have become so dependable on our cell phones that we cannot imagine our lives without one. It gives us the ability to listen to music, text or call friends, and play games. However,society today, especially young people are becoming addicted to their cell phones. We cannot keep hands off from our phones, not even for a thirty seconds. Meanwhile, it is strange to see someone at this moment of time without being accompanied with a mobile device. Perhaps, apart from the benefits of mobile phones,most people do not become aware of its great quantity of negative effects that cell phones has brought to us. Using cell phones too frequently not only affects our health seriously but also causes some personal development and limiting face-to-face communication.
Mobile phones are really imperative for our life because of its many convenient functions it has to offer. We use cell phones to stay connected, organized and entertained. Additionally, two main reasons for cellphone use are its convenience and it’s advancement over the years. It’s convenience allows us to get items done quick. For example, we may have a lot on our busy schedule that it doesn’t allow you to go out to eat so you order some pizza by placing an order online or call the store and it gets delivered to our house without going out. Also, cell phones tend to advance in such a quick pace, such as,…

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