Effects Of Obesity On The United States Essay examples

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It also forced the country to realize that the people who are fighting for the country, against the forces of terror, primarily consisted of these very minorities at high risk for obesity. The safety of the country, and therefore the safety of everyone in the country, depended entirely on these individuals at high risk. Grudgingly, the people and the government admitted that the nation was dependent on these people to fight for and die for their safety, and they should be the immediate priority for the health campaigns. Regarding the impact these campaigns had on the targeted minorities, there were a number of consequences. One of these consequences was the rise of many stereotypes regarding these minorities. These unintended stereotypes shaped the perception of these minorities, and their personal habits leading to the increase of attention by these campaigns. The prevailing opinion became that these individuals possessed flaws in personal behavior and morals, which resulted in high rates of obesity. While these stereotypes and assumptions may not be true, this result showed the societal opinion of individuals receiving special dietary and health-oriented attention from the government, and speculation on how these individuals must have gotten the disease in the first place. Furthermore, the war on obesity had lasting impacts that reached past just motivation for weight loss, exercise, and interests of national security. The first way was that it served as a way to justify…

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