Effects Of Obesity On Society For Centuries Essay

1359 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Obesity has been affecting society for centuries. The rate of gaining weight and health related diseases have increased during the past decades. Farmers are using harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, to protect their crops from insects. Scientists and food companies are coating edible items with deadly chemicals to enhance their products’ flavor. Over twenty different kinds of chemicals are sprayed into the environment and in our food, increase the rate of obesity found in adolescents. American diet changed over the years. New technology emerged during the past decades, which resulted in mass production of crops and foods for the general public. Chemicals are used to modified foods’ taste as well as protecting crops from insects. However there are negative drawbacks as well. Obesity is becoming a growing problem in not only America, but in the world as a whole. Michael Moss mentioned in his book, Salt, Sugar, and Fat, he stated, “Home economics - kids in school used to be taught how to shop, how to cook from scratch, how to be in control of their diets. Doesn 't happen anymore,” (2). Moss believed that home economics could improve this pandemic. During the 20th century, children were taught home economics as a class course. They obtained skills that were necessary for everyday life. Two important skills children learned; how to cook as well as maintaining their nutrition intake. Without this class children wouldn’t know how to cook or maintain their diet.…

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