Effects Of Obesity On Children 's Weight And Health Essay

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Childhood Obesity is defined as a serious medical condition occurring when a child is well above the normal weight for his or her age and height, according to the Mayo Clinic (2015). As a constant thrive towards health, researchers have looked into the possible causes of childhood obesity. One example of this is the media, specifically advertisements for unhealthy food. It is easy to see how regulation and protection are important in advertisements when shown the correlation between obesity and the media. Television’s influence on children’s weight and health is discussed in an article published by ABC News (2016). The article claims that obesity is linked to the amount of time children are using media whether it be television, the Internet, computer games, or video games. On average, kids spend about five and a half hours using media, which is more time than they spend doing any other activity besides sleeping. For every hour of media viewed, there is a two percent increase in the presence of obesity. Even without knowing the reason, these statistics show that the media, in one way or another, has a correlation with obesity.
To develop this further, when talking about the content of these advertisements it is clear that children see a lot in the media regarding food. Out of all advertisements directed at children, seventy-two percent are for candy, cereal, and fast food. This means that out of every ten commercials a child sees, more than seven of them regard…

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