Essay Effects Of Obesity On Children 's Unhealthy Eating Habits

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Methods to achieve a heathy lifestyle Fat,huge, and gross are all words that people think when they hear the word obese. Obesity is something that effects many people, according to the NIH “More than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or obese”. Now with that being said you might ask yourself how is that possible? Well, people become obese because they lack motivation to workout, they have unhealthy eating habits, and people not knowing how to live a healthy lifestyle. Living a heathy lifestyle is not as easy as it seems. Most people don’t even know how to begin to start living a heathy lifestyle. As for myself, I can sadly say I lack in two of those categories. I lack in motivation and I have unhealthy eating habits. But, that does not mean that I have given up hope to living a healthy lifestyle. Luckily I have found methods with technology to live a Heathy lifestyle. Fitness trackers and TV show’s like the Biggest Loser and DVD’s like P90X are my favorite and seem to be the way to go to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Fitness trackers is one of many methods to achieve a heathy lifestyle. They motivate people to be more active, they track the amount of food someone eats, and they are flat out fun! Another method is using fitness driven TV shows. They help people to change their eating habits,to start to exercise, and raise self confidence. Motivation is key when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Without self motivation nothing will get…

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