Essay about Effects Of Obesity On Children And Teens

1409 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
“A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside” (Robert Urich). Being healthy on the inside plays a big part on the outside since person’s health is the most important thing in a human’s life. Healthy can mean not only physically, but mentally as well. Like Urich says, a person’s health internally is what a healthy outside depends upon, they essentially balance each other out, and it is especially important when it comes to children. Although, many schools allow their fundraisers to sell candy and sugary soft drinks to students, the schools should not be allowed to because it can cause many health issues, it affects their classroom performance, and there are other fundraising alternatives besides candy. Primarily focused on children and teens, many health issues start to arise as a result of consuming too much sugar. Obesity has been a big problem area for Americans considering the amount of fast food restaurants and unhealthy food that they are surrounded by. Over the past years, obesity rates have increased, “1.25 million Children between the ages of 2-15 years old are overweight, and 1.4 million are considered obese” (Poskitt and Edmunds). At a young age, obese is not fun for the child, since it can lead to a mental state of depression as well as bullying at such a young age. These ages of children/teens are very crucial since some of them let it affect them to the point of suicide and not many people realize that they correlate with each other. Also, the statistics…

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