Effects Of No Smoking In Chain Fast Food Restaurants

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No Smoking in chain fast-food restaurant
KFC and Pizza Hut enacted a no-smoking policy for all company-owned restaurants, parent company Yum Brands incorporated said on August 15th, 2005. Besides this, the company encouraged their other 4,200 KFC and 4,600 Pizza Hut franchised restaurant in the US to follow. (Louisville, KY and Dallas, TX, August 11, 2005) This announcement arouses people’s controversy. The harmful effects of active cigarette smoking on health have been long established. And the second hand tobacco smoke causes health risks for non-smokers. Smoking control in public area is important to put into practice. Therefore, Smoking should be banned by restaurant owner, especially in chain fast-food restaurant. Because chain fast-food restaurants have the mutual owner, which can enact a no-smoking policy efficiently and effectively in a great many chain restaurants. In one
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Chain fast-food is special because it have massive consumers and common boss. Thus it can ban smoking effectively and efficiently to protect people’s health, then establish a positive example for other restaurants. An people know from this essay. Smoking in public area is harmful for smokers and non-smokers. The behavior intentions of the public after bans on smoking are positive. Besides this, Self-regulation policy is not effective. In one word, smoking is harmful for people health. Second hand smoking is much more harmful for nonsmokers. Smoking need to be control, Smoking should be banned by chain fast-food restaurant owner. Actually people ought to support this suggestion not only in chain fast food restaurant but also in other restaurants and public area. If the restaurant owners want their consumers enjoy comfortable and healthy service, please announce the smoking banned policy. If smokers can smoke less and non-smokers do not want to be impacted, please support the smoking banned

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