Catcher In The Rye Mental Health Analysis

In the twentieth century, mental health was not regarded with the amount of importance as it is today. People did not prioritize mental health as much as it is today, often resulting in the overlooking of people struggling with mental illness. Albeit this, over the past decade, mental health has become and increasingly supported and viewed issue and topic of resolution, most specifically among youth. Nowadays, there are many services, ideas and places to go for help with mental illness and the immense stigma around it is beginning to fade. The novel The Catcher in the Rye was written by J. D. Salinger in the beginning of the twentieth century and deals with an adolescent male who struggles with mental illness. The protagonist, Holden Caulfield, …show more content…
This corporation offers hypnotherapy and individual therapy, two services that would be extremely beneficial to Holden. Holden’s need for these services is apparent after Sunny, the prostitute’s, visit to his room. After ordering a prostitute to his room due to his inability to think clearly, Holden regrets ordering Sunny at all, as when she arrives, he asks her to simply talk, but gets declined. At this point, Holden states, “Boy, I [feel] miserable. I [feel] so depressed, you can’t imagine” (129). Then, Holden begins to speak to his deceased brother, Allie, out of sheer desperation to feel comforted. This exhibits Holden’s struggle with mental illness and need for help as his brother had passed away many years ago, yet he is still talking to him and grieving over the fact that Allie is gone. In this instance, Holden could have been aided immensely by McKechnie Counselling Services as the individual therapy sessions that are offered assist people in letting go of sadness that is causing depression as well as find personal and spiritual growth. Holden is still holding on to the sadness of his younger brother’s death, which is causing him to be depressed. With the use of individual therapy sessions, Holden could overcome some of his mental illness. Furthermore, Holden could benefit from McKechnie Counselling Services later on in the novel. At this point, Holden has spent a night drinking and his enormous hangover is causing many depressing thoughts. While walking down the street to meet Phoebe, his younger sister, Holden is suddenly consumed by “spooky” thoughts (256). Each time Holden would attempt to cross the street, he “had this feeling that [he’d] never get to the other side” (256). While he continues to walk, his symptoms grow worse, as Holden begins to sweat uncontrollably and speaks to Allie, saying “Allie, don’t let me disappear” over and over

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