Effects of Media Essay

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Griffyn Carpenter
Media Ethics- Final Paper
Prof. Ceravolo

Ethical Issues within Social Media Sites:
The Past, The Present, and The Future

Social media came onto the scene in a huge manner with hype that hasn’t been matched since but with that huge hype that it brought, it brought along some problems as well, problems that social media users are still anxiously waiting to be fixed. Social media has grown so rapidly that network executives and engineers have had a hard time keeping media websites up to par with the expectations of the public and keeping people interested as well as making sure they are updating security features too. The lack of care for other people’s personal information it feels like in a sense, have
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The vast information readily available on the Internet faces security needs and monitoring. Unauthorized access to the information that is regarded as private is extremely undesirable to all individuals. “Data privacy” refers to the association between the technology and the legal rights related to it. Whenever any information about a person or a person's data is stored, privacy needs arise and that is one aspect of social media that we have not quite gained a grip on yet. Internet privacy is the control one has over what information about oneself the person wishes to disclose or not to disclose to the public. Internet privacy can also refer to having control over the access of information over the internet about yourself.
Internet privacy comes into play when it comes down to website users giving out their personal information/details on the Internet. There are several issues about whether third party hosts should be allowed to store or re-read emails without informed consent from the original sender or receiver. One of the main privacy concerns facing us today is that if these third parties should be allowed to track visitors on a website or not. This is a huge strategy that companies try to use to track their visitors daily and use it for marketing purposes, which is very smart but is it ethical? A Facebook profile has very few ways to protect and restrict other people and the

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