Effects Of Media On Young Girls Essay

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What social psychological factors are in motion when media is shown to young girls? As the study that was discussed earlier on what a healthy body should look like and what influences a healthy body, it states that the focus group explained many thoughts that go through their head when they are personally exposed to the culture of seemingly acceptable physical appearance. These thoughts created a shared theme relating to self-discrepancy and social comparison when presented with these individuals. An additional study on body dissatisfaction and thinness was conducted by Gayle Bessenoff. According to the Bessenoff (2006), self-discrepancy is “representations in the self-concept of ways in which one falls short of some important standard”. Social comparison, however, is the comparison between ourselves and other individuals who we trust to be alike, so that we gain an idea of personal abilities and successes (Bessenoff, 2006). There are two types of social comparison, downward social comparison and upward social comparison, but upward social comparison can cause negative feelings toward oneself which can cause one to change something about themselves. Bessenoff (2006) exposed participants to thin looking advertisements and results showed that participants who had high levels of self-discrepancy engaged in social comparison behaviors which then lead to body dissatisfaction. Since this would relate to upward social comparison, it would only make sense that it would cause body…

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