Effects Of Manipulation Of Mass Media

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Register to read the introduction… Public opinion and public ignorance go hand in hand, and the media plays a role in both. Sometimes, the media can be influenced by some organization, like the government or a corporation. But often there is no direct manipulation; rather, just a complete failure to present the facts as they are. While it is very often tricky differentiating between deliberate and non-deliberate misinformation, it is far more difficult identifying what is misinformation and what is a mistake. Numerous examples, like morphing al-Qaeda into Iraqis and running “War on Terror” banners both while reporting on Afghanistan and Iraq, serve to show this difficulty. Regardless, the public is still being misinformed and it is equally as dangerous. A University of Maryland study found that consumers getting news from commercial television were very likely to hold at least one of three fundamental “misperceptions” (namely, that Iraq had been directly linked with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, that WMDs had been found, or that world opinion favored an American invasion of Iraq) (Cohen). This misperceptions stand in the way of any useful discussion on whether a war in Iraq is either necessary or justifiable. A free …show more content…
The media is manipulated for public relations and covert and overt government propaganda. Even though the U.S. constitution declares of the freedom of speech and press, these human rights are violated by the manipulation of the U.S. mass media. Millions of Americans sat to their televisions and listened to and believed countless false misinformation about Iraq War. For these people, their opinions and views were also manipulated by the U.S. mass media. Because of the wrong function of Mass media, people’s rights are

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