Effects Of Language On Advertising On Consumers Essay

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Often times customers have their own ideas of what a word can mean or even a certain emotion or feeling placed with it, and usuallty that idea or feeling does not exacly relate to the actual meaning. Company’s use these ambiguous words in hope that the consumers will have a positive conotation for the word so that the they will want to buy their product. Misuse of language in advertising also shows on the buisness side where the companies may use a word just to draw in unsuspecting customers with false claimsa such as promise of a “heathier” or “Natural” product. A number of critics have suggested that companies have begun to rely more on consumers to have positive conotations about certain words used in advertisment and to not question what they really mean. Critic William Lutz called these misleading words “weasle words”(416) since they resemble the way a weasle eats an egg stating that “Only when the egg is examined closely is it found to be hollow”(416). These words are just the same, while they seem to claim one thing they could be either making a false claim(Lutz 416) or are using the word in hopes that people will have a positive conottaion for it. Companies often use misleading words in their advertisments to convince buyers that their product is better than others, even if what they advertise is completely false.
In the food industry, companies have started using words like “Organic” and “Natural” to make consumers believe their product is healthy. When I asked…

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