Effects Of Intercultural Communication

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Communicate in the daily life, workplace or school is complicated and has many problems even people communicate in the same language and same culture. It will be more difficult in the process of organization today; humans have to communicate with others from other countries, other cultures. People are impacted by their culture in the way they think and the way they do. Because of own culture has its special aspects, communication in different cultures can be caused to contradictions and other serious issues. There are several problems, which caused by intercultural communication. However, due to the limit of words, in this essay I will demonstrate some main problems related to language, different cultural contexts, nonverbal communication, and power distance. I will explain those problems, which usually occurs in workplace and school. …show more content…
Culture is a term that not easy to define, that is something related to law, art, beliefs and customs in human’s social. It means the way people thinking, working and behaving can show their culture. For example, people from Western countries behaving different with people from Asia countries. According to Kluckhohn, C., & Kelly, W.H. (1945), the behavior of the men is caused by his history, which is designed for many aspects of

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