Effects Of Immigration: How It Affects Us

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Austin Chandler
Professor Wurl
English 1102
19 April 2015
Immigration: How it affects us Each year, millions of immigrants travel to a new country in hopes of starting a new chapter of life. They flee to countries with a higher living standard and greater economic development. This happens across the globe but the United States has the highest number of immigrants wishing to move into the country. According to Giovanni Peri, “… There are about 150 million more people who say that they would migrate to the United States (from every country in the planet) if they had the opportunity” (“Immigration”). With the United States being a hot spot for immigration, political leaders are often discussing the effects of immigration on the country as a
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The welfare of natives is speaking on the quality of life that they live whether it be referring to wages, assets, or etc. Immigrants can be classified in two categories, skilled and unskilled. Skilled meaning that the individuals is educated and has certain skill set. Unskilled meaning that they are average Joes not really bringing much to the table due to age or lack of education. These different categories of immigrant workers show to have different effects on the welfare of natives. Michael Michael created simulations using different formulas that would show the effects of the two different immigrant workers on the economy. In his simulation, it showed that, “a decrease in the immigration cost of the net fiscal beneficiary unskilled labor that causes immigration is likely to increase the welfare of natives” (Michael pg.660). This means if unskilled labor is monitored it has the opportunity to have a positive impact on the economy. On the contrary, skilled labor has the opposite effect because they are working for bigger corporations so they have more impact on the market. If the market is saturated with skilled labor, employers can lower wages and cut prices making the consumers happy but overall welfare of natives lower. This simulation done by Michael shows that, with monitoring, immigration can have positive impact on the

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