Education And Illiteracy: Effects Of Child Labor


Imagine having no ability to read or write. Imagine not going to school. This is what children in child labor go through. Illiteracy is one of many effects of child labor. Children in child labor don’t get to learn to read and write because they don’t have time to go to school and work to support their families. The downside of not getting an education is that with no education, the children, as the website quotes, “The lack of education and illiteracy makes them individuals with limited opportunities as far as employment is concerned. Education also prepares a person for several challenges in the society and without it, one may turn out to lack the basic skills required to overcome many of life’s
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As for the educated kids, they are looked at as more respectable figures than the uneducated children do. The uneducated kids are often viewed in a different light than the educated children are. They aren’t usually someone people respect and are in general just looked at with different eyes and mindsets of people because they don’t get the opportunities the educated children do, and because they are not very social or respectful. The uneducated children in this world suffer a ton from not having an education. Child labor is unfair for children to have to go through instead of school. Education for children is important. In addition to the differences of the uneducated and the educated is their knowledge about the world. Educated children have an advantage of this because they go to school and learn about this kind of stuff. That being said, it is clear that because uneducated children don’t go to school, they don’t have any way of knowing anything about the world or how it works. Lastly, a consequence faced by the uneducated kids is that they are closed-minded, meaning that they are not open to new ideas and that they always like to stick with one way of doing something because they are afraid of trying something new. An example of this would be if the children followed every path their parents did, including their career and more. Opposite of this, educated children are open-minded. They like to explore new things and are open to new ideas. As read, you can see that there are many consequences of not being educated. All those reasons explain illiteracy and prove that illiteracy is a major effect of child

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