Effects Of Hydroxyurea On People With Sickle Cell Essay

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Social: Hydroxyurea can cause: excessive tiredness or weakness; fast heartbeat; shortness of breath; on-going pains that begins in the stomach area and swelling. The symptoms associated with hydroxyurea can affect many sufferers in a negative way, thus leading to a poorer quality of life. The symptoms can lead to depression and emotional distress. In some cases, the symptoms may require hospitalization. As people with sickle cell anaemia are more susceptible to infections, for this reason they may be required to avoid crowded places and some social situations. Anxiety and depression can lead to feelings of helplessness, sadness and loneliness, which can keep patients isolated. Sufferers will then find it hard to do normal necessary activities such as shopping and communicating with families and friends, especially when “41% of sufferers ages 18 to 30 who are hospitalized in acute care end up re-hospitalized within 30 days” [17]. In addition, sufferers will persistently have to visit the GP regularly so they can monitor their health which can be very time consuming.

Economic: Hydroxyurea is very expensive in individuals who suffer from sickle cell anaemia. When treating sickle cell disease the total cost varied from about $10,704 for children aged 0-9 years to about $34,266 for people age 30-39 in 2004." The major reason why the price varies is due to the age and weight of the patient. Generally the younger the patient is, the cheaper hydroxyurea is. Because…

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