Effects Of Human Trafficking In Canada

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Mubarak Adesina
Miss Corina Van Dongen November 16, 2016
Human Trafficking
Human trafficking must be stopped in Canada to keep immigrants safe. Human trafficking is the transportation of a person to exploit them against their wishes. It takes place in large urban centres or in smaller cities and communities in Canada and is often described as a modern form of slavery (public safety Canada). Majority of human trafficking victims in Canada are international women and children living in poverty because they are more vulnerable to forced labour, due to poverty most women and children fall into a trafficker 's trap when they are searching for work. Women typically, are
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It affects the society in positive way and in negative way but the negatives are more than the positive. Most traffickers forced victims into heavy physical labor in hazardous environment which affect the society crime rate, loss of lives and it led to increase in STD in the society (NAPCHT). Increase in crime rate, many trafficked victims are also taught the use of weapons to involve in crimes. Some traffickers used trafficked victims in committing crime in the society. Traffickers brainwash trafficked victims to participate in crime in the society and some trafficked victims are sold to criminals, this had a great impact on the crime rate of the society (U.S. Department of State). Loss of life, Victims of human trafficking have absolutely no freedoms, and experience horrors such as abuse, violence, and torture which can led to loss of life. Trafficked victims that are caught in the process of escaping, they face great punishment that is dangerous to life. Some traffickers force the victims to submerge their body in a barrel filled with water contaminated with scorpion and other vermin, and sit there for one week. Some trafficked victim loses their life in this process and those that survive this act can’t be normal again. While some traffickers force victims to sit in darkness all lonesome. Another way used by traffickers to make the victims more cooperative is injecting them with drugs, which led to addiction, which affect their lifestyle. Since human trafficking involves selling a person for sex, pregnancies are expected. Traffickers force those who are pregnant to have abortions, by non-certified doctors. This act of abortion lead to lose of many trafficked victims since doctors used are quack. (Wikipedia). Increase in STD in the society, human trafficking help in transmitting sexual transmitted disease. traffickers force those who are pregnant to have abortions, with unclean instruments. This

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