Effects Of Hormonal Fluctuations Cause Temporary Changes On My Mood And Attitude

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I am a teenager and I abhor admitting that hormonal fluctuations cause temporary changes in my mood and attitude. That is simply a side effect of life that coincides with existing and growing and changing. One day after school I was near menstruation, which more times than not causes me to be in an imbalanced emotional state. I was upset and unhappy with life for no valuable reason, and it was horrible to be drowning in an emotion that I had no desire for. I love life, and people, and communication. Therefore no one deserves me in a state where I cannot provide my best self. Nonetheless, I felt stressed and anxious so I vomit wrote before taking my shower. When I vomit write, the process is very similar to actual vomiting. There is a release of toxic emotions that I was storing deep within that are released, hence allowing me to repair mentally and return to the amazing creation that we refer to as life. Writing is such a personal and wondrous art. With each stroke of my pen, the more balanced I became. After writing in that moment, I was able to realize how nonsensical my feelings actually were. I was able to realize that no feeling or situation is as mountainous as a moment projects them to be. I was able to free myself from the bondage of ignorance, and open my eyes to realize that all is truly well and that life is surely much more than a bad emotion or bad day.

I remember the day with partial clarity. I have had many days like this one. Usually before I begin…

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