Effects Of Honey Bee

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The Western honey bee (Apis mellifera) is not only responsible for honey, but many different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Bees are agents of cross-pollination, and many plants are entirely dependent bees for their reproduction. Without bees, they would be highly stressed, and either would have to adapt to life without bees or become extinct. “The small little insect that works so tirelessly and quietly around us certainly is one of the reasons, if not a main reason, for the possibility of human development on earth” (Jenkins 1). Our reliance on bees is the reason why scientists should refuse to passively accept the results that bees are disappearing, stop focusing on erroneous theories, and continue to aggressively search for the cause so …show more content…
Although there are expected losses, especially during winter, the amount of losses was devastatingly high. Beekeepers noticed that healthy bees were simply deserting their hives in large numbers, never to return. Scientists and researchers call this mystery condition of mass disappearance Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). “CCD is a serious problem threatening the health of honey bees and the economic stability of commercial beekeeping and pollination operations in the United States” (Kaplan 1). Although there have been many claims, researchers are still unable to identify a cause or causes of CCD.
The main indication of CCD is a live queen with few or no honey bees, but with no dead bee bodies present in the hive. What is left are hives full of honey, but with no bees. All the testing and research of CCD is made difficult because there aren’t any dead bees to study (Schacker 262).
It has been many years since the first documented cases of CCD and the honey bees are still dying on a massive scale. Nearly one-third of all honey bee colonies in the country have vanished during the winter of 2012. This was a 42% increase over the previous year, which is well above the losses of 10%-15% beekeepers used to experience during normal winters (Walsh
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Some commercial beekeepers are giving their colonies supplemental feed. This might result in the beekeeping business having fewer large operations that are able to pay for the technological adaptations that are required in order to survive the hostile environment (Ellis). It is quite evident that the disappearance of honey bees is an issue that must not be ignored. Although we could survive without the pollination of honey bees, we must not accept the results that bees are dying. Too much time and resources have been wasted on theories that have already been proven wrong, but before we look for alternatives in pollination, research should continue to stop what is causing the decreasing numbers of bees. “Now is the time for research into the cause and treatment of CCD before CCD becomes an agricultural crisis” (Kaplan). Colony Collapse Disorder is a serious problem affecting many bees and people globally. With the disappearing bee populations, both the agricultural industry and beekeeping business have been negatively affected. Because there are no dead bee bodies to study, finding the cause of CCD is difficult for researchers. Theories claiming different natural and unnatural factors lack conclusive evidence. The depleting numbers of bees has caused scientists to search for bee-free methods of pollination while others have looked for ways to fight the results of

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