Effects Of Homesickness On College Students Essay

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Homesickness: How to Limit its Effects
For any college and or university student, there is one common stress or depression that can be shown, this is homesickness. Homesickness is
A state of emotional distress that people sometimes experience when they are separated from supportive friends or family members in an unfamiliar environment. In many ways, it’s mostly loneliness combined with a sense of feeling out of place and wanting to return to familiar, supportive environments. (Van Brocklin)
Attending college can be scary for anyone, especially if they are not use to leaving home, or a foreigner in a different country. Homesickness is something that will be experienced during their time in college and they will need to be able to overcome the feelings of being homesick. Although some say homesickness is easy to get over, for college students, homesickness affects a student’s confidence, motivation and enjoyment of college, because of this, college students should make social groups, and stay connected with home to help reduce the effects of homesickness. Attending college can be difficult for anyone, especially if a student cannot handle stress very well, they might find themselves missing home as soon as they leave. Homesickness can affect their motivation, their motivation to attend classes, to do their homework and papers, to play their sport too. It affects every part about being in a college, and the sooner the student is able to get over it, it will dramatically…

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