Effects Of Hearing And Deaf Children Essay

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Language can be seen and heard; it can be diverse or standard. What does this mean? To average norm students, this describes the ability of communication. Too hard of hearing and deaf children language takes on a whole new role, influencing their personal, social and academic development as well as life experiences. Whether a student is hard of hearing or deaf gaining, learning and communicating through language, both oral and visual, entails an entirely different experience than that of a hearing child. Children identifying with hearing impediments often relate to two different languages, one visual and one oral and written language. For example, in Australia, the visual language, sing language, is known as Auslan, with the oral and written language being English. Deaf visual languages are diverse worldwide, with each country attaining their own version of sign language respectively containing significant differences from one another, just like spoken languages. Language influences and impacts nearly all aspects of a child’s life. The role of language in one’s life is similar across all cultures but the matter in which we communicate and validate language in the daily life is a broader reality. This essay will discuss the roles of language and its impact on a child’s life diagnosed with a hearing impediment, in terms of their, cognitive, personal, intellectual and cultural development.

Early stages

Communicative language

Language is discovered and developed…

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