Gun Violence Research Paper

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One social problem in which has been an ongoing growing problem is crime/violence among the younger generation. The main emphasis that will be discussed is gun violence among the youth and how this issue is turning into a tragic epidemic. Far too many children have access to guns and or weapons, whether it is in their own homes or in the vicinity. This is turning into a new serious epidemic that needs to be controlled and contained before things end up worse. Each day, sadly the news reports children/teenagers getting access to guns and committing gruesome acts of violence.
This epidemic is gaining more attention as it should be, although not enough is being done. These violent incidents/behaviors stem from the environment the children are
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On average, there were seven such fatalities daily and 52 weekly. ( ) The cause that these deaths are occurring is due to the improper storage of guns. Okoro discusses that the majority of these gun incidents occur due to guns being unsecure. “In the United States, over 1.69 million kids age 18 and under are living in households with loaded and unlocked firearms.” (Okoro, 2005) That statistic alone is not surprising, but petrifying to say the least. Majority of the time the guns come from within in the household or that of a close relative. Obtainable and convenient access to guns is what is making this a basis for concern.
Just recently a young boy about the age of 15 went into his high school cafeteria and started shooting at his classmates. Not only could this outrageous event have been prevented, but three beautiful lives could have been saved. Gun violence is no joke, especially among the younger generation. There are statics that show that gun violence is an upward distress and a problem among our children. The reason might be anything from video games, to family upbringing to the just the unpretentious cartoon they watched last night. It’s our job as a community to stand up against gun

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