Effects Of Green Transportation

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. This is why Green (sustainable) transportation is such an important issue. With more environmentally safe fuels and resources being used, there would be less of a negative effect on our environments around the world and the ocean could’ve avoided having these pockets where sea life could no longer strive. Another contributor to the crisis in the water supply is the amount of acid rain that falls from the sky. Too much of acid water can inhibit plant growth and create soil damage that wouldn’t be able to be repaired until eons pass. Oil also contributes with a much higher cost and oil is leaked by shipping, drilling, laying pipeline, and moving the substance. Oil removes the insulating ability of fur-coated mammals, and the water repellency …show more content…
It helps not only the ecosystem, but the economy. With everything going green, the economy is in a much better place. Agriculture could be produced far more, more materials could be created for the production of other objects, the pollution-tainted oceans can have a time to recover, the ozone layer can be less tainted and the effects of the holes in it can lessen until scientists have found a new way to completely erase the exposure, and more time could be spent on other issues of our world and the threat of our world falling apart would no longer be an issue. With green (sustainable) transportation devices being used in the containerization business, there will be less moments where oil spills out into the ocean, less nonrenewable resources would be used, the marine life could take a rest and spend some time without anything unnaturally affecting the course of nature. It is truly a big deal to preserve this world that Green transportation even reaches out beyond what was set and goes into the world of how those of whom that are just standing around can help. With energy efficient light bulbs, the system of recycling, the use of biofuel on their cars, and other ways that can positively impact our ecosystems today. With a healthier ecosystem comes a healthier world, and that goes beyond the physical sense and into our economy. More income means that there will be more and new job opportunities that will do more to help those of whom that need employment in a branch of business that can supply financial stability for them and their family. With Sustainable transportation, there are plenty of pros and if everything is operated correctly and manufacturers correspond with becoming eco-friendly, there can be a era of tranquility and health going throughout the

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