Effects Of Green Tea On Human Body And Its Role Essay

1069 Words Nov 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Claims throughout the last hundred years or so that certain supplements or herbal medicines can help reduce the development and spread of cancer are nothing new. Many celebrities have pushed certain products for this reason as well as a healthy profit, this includes Dr.Oz as well. In a recent article posted on the Dr.Oz website, Funk (2016) claims that green tea can play a huge role in cancer prevention and depleting the rate at which numerous cancers spread such as: colon, liver, breast and prostate cancer. This would be one of the numerous health benefits that are provided green tea. This paper’s purpose is to explore ways of preventing or slowing down the spread of cancer, specifically looking at the effect of green tea on the human body and its role in preventing and stopping the spread of numerous types of cancers which is stated in Funk’s claim on her article.

In this study the researchers involved wanted to understand the effects of tea consumption in regards to the decreased risk of ovarian cancer in females both young and old. There has been a theory that green tea has been known to help prevent the risk of cancer yet the results of past studies on animals have been inconclusive. These researchers set out to find the more accurate information on this. The research began from collecting data from an Australian population- based, case-control study known as The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study which collected the of women in a given area with ovarian cancer aged 18…

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