Effects of Google Translate on Vocabulary Acquisition and Reading Comprehension

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Effects of Google Translate on Vocabulary Acquisition and Reading Comprehension
With the rapid development of technology, more modern ways are applied to English learning. Though technology towards language learning has been extensively studied in recent years, the influences of online translation are seldom examined. This study investigates the effects of Google translate on English vocabulary acquisition and article comprehension. It was hypothesized that Google translate can improve students’ performance in both aspects. The research was evaluated by an experiment which needed participants to read one article and finish some related quizzes. To make a comparison, participants were divided into two groups with only one can use
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The formal experiment was conducted on 19th April in the EAP classroom. All members of the research team were required to bring laptops in order to run Google translate. First, participants were divided into two groups randomly. 6 students in the experiment group were allowed to use Google translate during the reading time. Other 5 students were treated as the control group. Then, a 3-minute-long brief guidance including rules of the experiment was given to participants. Next, paper copies of the article were given out and 15 minutes were arranged for participants to read. The experiment group was allowed to use Google translate when they encounter unfamiliar words or sentences, whereas the control group should read through the paper without any assistance. For both groups, taking notes and making marks in the reading paper were forbidden. Afterwards, quiz papers were distributed to evaluate participants’ learning outcomes and Google translate is banned to use. Participants were given 15 minutes to finish the quiz. Finally, all the papers were collected. The whole experiment was conducted in the EAP classroom and last for approximately 40 minutes. After the experiment, the research team gathered to mark quiz papers and the results were analyzed by using a data-recording table.

Result and analysis
The aim of this experiment is to define whether Google translate can help students learn English more efficiently. Without the independent variable, which is Google

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