Essay on Effects Of Gmos On The World

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GMOs Effect around the World
Agriculture is a large part of economic globalization and continues to be tested by the growing demand of the world’s population. With the global trade market expanding between the global north and global south, the agricultural institution has been attempting to utilize new technology to create crops that revolutionize the traditional and organic growing methods. The production of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) was created in order to offer a new way for farmers to increase crop yields while fighting the decrease in arable land, and continue the fight against crop diseases and pests with seeds modified to fight different growing conditions. Although the introduction of GMOs was first in the mid-1990’s, people are becoming more skeptical of the GMO crop due to recent events regarding mandatory labeling laws being discussed that reflect GMOs on their labels. If GMOs have been around for so long, why are people now having issue with them, and just how bad can they be? To highlight how these modern achievements have affected people around the world, it can be done by looking at the increase in yields, the reduced input costs needed to grow the crop, the effects on the environment, and the health effects that GMOs have on humans. I feel it is possible that GMOs are given a bad reputation due to consumers’ lack of information.
In order to better understand the need of GMOs, looking at one of the reasons why they were created is key. Most people…

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