Effects of Globalization and Technology on the Twenty First Century Workplace

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Globalization and technology have made an impact on the twenty-first-century workplace and with the impact certain jobs are at risk while other jobs will be unaffected in terms of eradication. Globalization is the act of extending anything to other parts of the world and this has made the ability to acquire people with unique talents and skill far easier (outsourcing) and has also led to cultural diversity while affecting those cultures as well. Technology has diminished the requirement of people that could do basic job operations such as collecting cash at a toll booth by replacing workers with computer systems. Globalization and has impacted the twenty first century workplace by blending workers from all parts of the world leading to …show more content…
Another impact of globalization is the convergence of various cultures. New York is known to be the most culturally diverse area with over 275 different nationalities residing in the state. Such diversity leads to change in behavior within the workplace and change of rules. For example, it is against the law to discriminate workers by their nationality. Businesses have also gained the knowledge to handle this diversity and create new policies and guidelines for workers. Cultural diversity has also lead people to understand body language of people from different nationalities in order to communicate more effectively. One more change due to cultural diversity is the fact that employees need more training so they are more sensitive towards discrimination. The last change is also lead to increased standards in foreign countries, especially for people in third world countries.
Another significant factor in the change of modern workplace is technology. Technology has improved workers output in terms of hard work and intelligent cooperation and communication. For example today we can send out emails regarding certain topics and anyone who received the email can read it and when the team of email recipients comes to discussion, everyone will be on the same page. Technology has also improved communication, now we can easily have a PowerPoint slide on the screen and information easily gets transmitted better to workers. However, technology has also lead to

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