Essay about Effects Of Global Warming On The Lake Trout

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It also explains that it affect various other things. Even though this happens as a part of global warming, it itself have some of its own effects. It kills some fish, it creates floods, mudslides in California, Hurricanes in Mexico, ice storms in New England, Tornadoes in the south, droughts in Asia, and forest fires in sumatra as well (Tennesen 114). It has all sorts of impacts to it. It is understandable how dangerous it is. The effects are throughout the world. All of the effects have caused a serious damage.

In addition, there are several impacts of global warming. It seems that one of the impact are on lake trout’s that humans love to eat. As years have passed the temperatures have fluctuated too, which really affected the lake trout’s, lifestyle. According to Mcdonald et al, in order for YOY (young of a year ) lake trouts to thrive they would need twice as much food than before to gain the same weight, but there hasn’t been any increase in the food (1105). The quote explains that, since there isn 't any increase in food, it will cause a decrease in lake trouts. That also means, humans wouldn’t be able to eat lake trouts as much as before. They have adopted a new way to save the YOY lake trouts. As Mcdonald et al points out, when they increased the food for YOY lake trouts it increased snails, the major food source of adult trouts, but it did not help YOY lake trouts much (1106). They adopted new method to save the lake trouts but, it seems that it have harmed than…

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