Essay about Effects Of Global Warming On Human Health

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Effects of Global Warming Over the years, the population of the planet has continuously been rising. The Earth is meant to sustain a population of approximately two million people, but recently the population has increased to almost seven million people. With this rise, a number of problems have presented themselves. The main one causing all the controversy is global warming. The Earth steadily gets warmer, but many people feel humans are not to blame because it happens naturally. Scientists try to prove that all the things happening to the planet are either natural or simply coincidences by arguing that global warming plays no role on human health, animals’ habitats are not affected, depth of bodies of water change due to rain and other natural things, and erosion happens naturally and the warmth of temperature does not affect flooding. Environmentalists fight to prove that humans play a substantial role in this disaster and introduce things such as the Kyoto Protocol to make everyone aware so the damage may be reversed in time. While the temperature on this planet has been rising, it is also meant to fluctuate throughout the years. The Earth has not experienced an overall decrease in temperature in years, and there is no way this is happening naturally. It is obvious that there is more happening and something else is to blame. Global warming is, without a doubt, caused by humans and it affects the health of humans, animals’ habitats, waterway, and land masses. First,…

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