Gill Netting Effect

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Gill netting is a common way to capture species of water life in mass quantities. Marine biologists and aquatic biologists also use gill nets to see what is in the area. Gill nets are large nets that are hung vertically, the trap fish by their gills and other aquatic life gets tangled in the nets. Gill netting causes unwanted species to be caught, ghost nets, and endangered species to be caught. Gill netting effects fisherman as well as the aquatic life when species that are captured are not wanted. Commercial fishers often use gill nets to get the amount of fish they need to make a profit. Some gill nets are set out for a certain species or group of marine and aquatic life, but other marine and aquatic life gets trapped in the gill net ("Cast …show more content…
Ghost nets are nets, in this case gillnets, that fisherman leave behind, lose, or forget about. Ghost nets are usually hard to see and are caught very easily on many surfaces. Unattended gill nets are getting away from the owners and lost in the oceans and other bodies of water. The lost gill nets are causing many problems. All sorts of marine and aquatic animals are getting trapped in ghost nets. Most of the animals trapped in the ghost nets will eventually die. Fish will be caught in the gill nets and most be taken the bottom of the body of water, caught up on rocks, or hung up on other objects that have been submerged. Many animals are affected by ghost nets. Almost every animal in the ocean is affected. Gill nets can be anywhere in bodies of water. They can be on the bottom where all of the plants and bottom fish are, in the middle with the fish and animals, or on the top where the birds and other fish are. Not only are the animals affected but the birds and plants are also affected. Whales, turtles, sea birds, fish, dolphins, and every animal and plant that dwell in and around the water can be caught in the ghost nets. Even when the animals are not killed they can be seriously injured by the nets. When the animals are seriously injured it makes it harder for them to survive. Animal’s lives are often shorter when injured by a gill net (Morgan, "Problems With Gill Net …show more content…
The plants are being cut by the nets and no able to get what they need to live. Swimmer and divers are at a better chance of drowning when gill nets are around. Divers and swimmers can get stuck on the net and run out of oxygen and drown. For example in 1998 a 42 year-old women named Megan Reehling died because she got tangled up in ghost nets(Grant, "Ghost nets - Don 't get trapped!")
.Sharks are more attracted to the shoreline because there are dead fish that is easy pry for the sharks. Nets take a very long time to decompose due to what the net is made of. It take many years for nets to decompose ("Cast Gill Nets Snare Turtles as Loophole Nets Are Ignored").
There and many endangered species in both fresh and saltwater. When gill netting the chance is always taken if an endangered animal is going to be caught. When an endangered animal is caught it most of the time is not able to be released back into the water. Many types of seals, whales, dolphins, manatee, plants, and almost all species of sea turtles. Over 4,600 sea turtles are killed each year by gill nets. Gill nets are trapping the dolphins and whales which is painful for the animals. They are cut by the nets and bleed so sharks are attracted. The tails of dolphins are often cut off even when the dolphin doesn’t get fully trapped in the nets ("Cast Gill Nets Snare Turtles as Loophole Nets Are

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