Essay on Effects Of Genetic Screening For Parents

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Impacts of Genetic Screening For Parents

Genetic screening is defined as "any kind of test performed for the systematic early detection or exclusion of a hereditary disease, the preposition to such a disease or to determine whether a person carries a predisposition that may produce a hereditary disease in offspring." (Godard, Beatrice et al.) Genetic screening is commonly performed for reasons associated with fertility and pregnancy, and, being a relatively new frontier in genetic research, has attracted a lot of controversy. Nevertheless, it is ultimately a way to give parents more control over their reproduction and give them more options and responsibilities.

Genetic screening is very important and has a tremendous influence on thousands of lives, because 1 in 25 children in Canada are affected by birth defect as of 2013 (Silverthorne, Andrea). There are 3 types of common genetic screening types: pre conceptional, prenatal and neonatal. pre conceptional genetic screening is unusually used to screen communities with a high risk of genetic defects, and it offers at-risk couples more options concerning reproduction and allows time for them to seek counselling and eliminate possible consequences that might result form receiving distressing news. (Godard, Beatrice et al.) Parents can screen for genetic anomalies before conception, and be informed about the risks before deciding to reproduce. (Niernberg, Cari) For example, in the Ashkenazi Jewish community, the rate of…

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