Gender In Education

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Gender in education is an important topic of focus as it can place limitations on students learning, development and relationships. Factors such as this can make schooling a negative place reducing achievements and impacting students furthering their education through higher education. Furthering knowledge about gender in education helps not only students but gives educators a better understanding of the impacts not only on students but themselves.

Facing gender in the classroom comes with its issues. Educators should be providing students with high quality schooling which is free from discrimination based on gender (Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs, 2008, p. 7). It can damage relationships causing
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Students ideas often grow which ultimately leads in certain directions of teaching (Malguzzi, 1993). Providing a curriculum that references to cultural and community contexts provides students with the knowledge that gender is not only an issues within the schooling environment that it goes much deeper (McLachlan, Fleer & Edwards, 2010 p. 65). Proving partnerships with students, families, local businesses, other local schools can engage students and further their achievements (Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs. (2008). Without the knowledge, students will continue to have specific views of the other sex. For example, MacNaughton (2000, p. 13) suggests that the ways in which female students play are developed around the gender norms in which they see out in the community. With the knowledge, students can begin to change the social view of gender in the …show more content…
Siraj-Blatchford & Clarke (2004, p.24) suggest that without a strong role model students may have a positive of negative view of people like themselves. With negative views, there can be negative behaviours towards learning and or behaviours resulting in a negative way on the socialisation of students. Reinforcing the positive from social media, parental views and other students views helps students to gain their meanings of gender while being encouraged to look at it from other points of

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