Effects Of Gender Bias In Education

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Bias in Education

Bias in Education
Rodjanae Olden
School of Engineering and Sciences

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Bias in Education

Does a teacher’s biased views have an effect on their students grades. Will it have an outcome on grades of those students from that teacher? Bias can appear in our educational tools such as books,in our religion that is casting a shadow on other religions, gender bias on females and males academic performance in school, a racial bias in school between the fair trials of being in order. As defined by Webster bias is,“tending to yield one outcome more frequently than others in a statistical experiment, exhibiting or characterized by bias.”When it comes to public
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Gender can play a major roles in decisions or making. In school females have performed more or better than the males but by the time of graduating high school or college they then recede back,(Sadker, 1994) In the US, the males have made 70% of the Ds and F that teachers give out.(Mulrine, 2001).
In British Columbia, they have test that had the results of the females outperform males at all levels of reading and writing and in Alberta testing shows that girls, "...Significantly outperform boys on reading and writing tests, while almost matching them in math and science." (O 'Neill, 2000). Studies shows that teachers are more likely to respond to males with praise and encouragement then as females by accepting or acknowledging their answer without really evaluating what they have said.
However, in 1992 a study was published by the American Association University revealed that enforcement of the Education Amendment of 1972 that this law has been lax nationwide, reporting “How Schools Shortchange The American Association University” reports “that females receive less attention from teachers and the attention that female students do receive is often more negative than attention received by boys. (Bailey,
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In America children are being taught in public school, from Florida to Minnesota and from California to Tennessee, through Islamic propaganda in the school’s curriculum that is nothing more than political education that is being hidden a “sensitivity training”. (Smith , 2015).In the textbooks Islam is looked down up, suffering injustice, while Christian and Jewish people are suggested to be unwilling to go pass the opinion and ill will in order to allow Islam to have an equal expression. Despite Muslim and Islam, there is defuse the fact that Islam is a violent ideology that regularly produces religiously motivated terrorist attacks, such as 9/11 and the Boston

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