Food Too Spicy Research Paper

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Beware The Food Too Spicy
Foods that have a high taste like food too spicy overload also has risks, identify the risks are as follows:

Humans are in fact has a wide variety of tastes that good lifestyle, appearance, until on the food though. In a world of myriad presented a wide variety of food that is able to excite the taste buds in the world because we have a diverse culture so that his specialties is also different.

Talk about food, if you are the one who is very pleased with the food that is spicy-spicy so it feels less steady if less-spicy dish on the table. Chili does have some health benefits, But did you know that the food is made from spicy that just is not good for health and it is advisable not too often or berebihan of consumption
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" Not afdol if it's not spicy ". This phrase often used as base an pembenar for fans of spicy foods. Whereas, foods that are too spicy bias triggered diarrhoea.

Here are some of the dangers of consuming spicy too: makannan
1. Spicy foods are not good for the health of your skin
If you women must be very mindful of your skin if too much consuming chili fried in what else will make your skin become oily and a lot of flab that is stuck in the skin especially skin face so people who likes eating sambal can sometimes we meet face breakouts. For it if you are someone who hooked with sambal then control is your diet to keep you
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In addition, in Chili also contained a variety of compounds which are similar to capsaicin, called a capsaicinoids. If the chili is eaten, the compounds bind to capsaicinodis receptors of pain in the mouth and the esophagus causing a burning sensation and a nutty taste.

Chili is the alkaloid (acidic compounds) so that the consumption of chili will cause keseeimbangan pH in the stomach is getting sour. That is why the consumption of excess chili may increase levels of acid in the stomach. The body is not able to outline the components of capsaicin and a capsaicinoids during the digestive process. This is what is causing the excess consumption of spicy food can cause irritation to the walls of the stomach or intestines and in severe conditions will result in diarrhea.
Some people can mengkonsimsi spicy foods without menimnulkan problem but many people experiencing diarrhea every time they consume spicy foods. If you are prone to spicy food, but it's hard to leave this brings a spicy sensation that the easiest way to do is the consumption of spicy food spiciness levels gradually gradually the level of spiciness to familiarize the digestive organs against

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