Effects Of Financial Aid On College Students

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“Financial aid has an impact on college students” Students trying to apply for financial aid may find themselves aggravated when filling out the financial aid papers. When applying for any collage a student must also fill out a FAFSA. Many find the process very difficult, and discouraging. FAFSA is a program that comprises all the financial information to see if the student can qualify for grants or financial aid. The information that is required is very lengthy and detailed, of both the student and the parents or guardian of that student. FAFSA isn’t just for the American student, foreign students that are attending college in the USA also are required to apply for the FAFSA. This paper will examine the different questions of FAFSA aid, and …show more content…
Of course, the other defining qualification is that the student proves that there is a financial need to assist him or her in paying for college. That of course depends on the lengthy, detailed information that was provided on the FAFSA application. It does not have an exact gross amount cut off, because so many factors can figure into the need of aid. The size of the family, the number of college students in the family, and the income of the family. Some of the wealthiest people can qualify for aid, because all the money is invested and not making a profitable income for the family. It is important to mention that the student’s income can have a powerful and sometimes negative affect on the families over all reported income on the application. Part of the student’s income is taken off, but the majority of it is reported and figured in with the total income of the family. (Income and Financial Aid

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