Essay about Effects Of Family Structure On Educational Attainment

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Garasky, S. (1995). The Effects of Family Structure on Educational Attainment: Do the Effects Vary by the Age of the Child?. American Journal of Economics & Sociology, 54(1), 89-105.
Steven Garasky, is an economist with more than 25 years of experience as an evaluator of domestic social policies and programs. He has focused his research on examining and evaluating programs such as low income families and how they affected in areas of poverty. In this journal the Garasky compares how having a high school education is essential to the decrease of poverty and dependence on welfare. He studies six different families over various periods during childhood and compares how they are related to the probability of graduating from high school. He concluded that children who grew up with both parents are more likely to graduate from high school.
The time between a child 's birth to the age three in a house headed by a single father or a father and step-mother the likelihood of graduation from high school is reduced. “Growing up with only parent is found to be related to attaining lower levels of education, becoming a parent earlier, being more likely to have premarital births, marrying earlier, and being more likely to divorce when compared to children who lived with both biological parents throughout their

childhood” (Garasky, 1995, 89). Children who live with both of their biological parents tend to become over achievers and scholastic achievers. There are programs that are…

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