Effects Of Extracurricular Activities Essay

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Madeleine Louise S. Baiño
English 27 – K
Andre Dominic Peralta
Extracurricular activities:
One of the pivotal events in a person’s life is College. It encompasses not only one’s education but also his youth culture. College life can be a stressful or a thrilling stage in a student’s life, as it is a stage where one transition from late adolescence to a young adult. Aside from reasons such as the desired school is far from home, parents reside in a remote province, and the long commute back and forth is burdensome, many students decide to live away from their families and live near the school to be more independent. This living arrangement may give students a tough time and may have an effect on their academic and social life. Due to the lack of proximity of the family, students often involve themselves
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Reeves (2008) established that parents and teachers are apprehensive that these activities will consume the time of the students and will lose attention on academics. Joining too many meetings and practices may reduce the time for studying. Instead of helping the students improve on their academic performance, it will detrimental to it.
In the flipside, parents may be the ones who push their children to participate in every activity in hopes of making them more ‘intelligent’. This will have an undesirable effect to the commitment displayed, as it may not be their choice. Thompson (2008) argued this idea when he stated that “The level of commitment is much more important than the specific activity” (p.10). Not only can it cause an emotional stress to the student but also physical stress – exhaustion and burn-out. Students will develop the fear of disappointing their parents or will start a rebellion in defiance to

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