Essay Effects Of Exposure On Online Pharmacies

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This is an experimental study into the effects of exposure to online pharmacies that sell home tests for diagnosing a medical disease, on people’s attitudes and behavioral intentions.
‘Online pharmacies’ are Internet-based webshops that sell medical products to individual consumers for use at home (e.g.,‘Home diagnostic tests’ are tests that one can use independently, i.e. without a prescription, supervision or intervention by a health professional, to diagnose a medical disease or disease risk factor (e.g., 10050). Examples include allergy test, cholesterol test, and HIV test.
Across the board, people can be expected to have a more positive attitude towards hospital- based diagnostic tests and a higher intention to take hospital-based tests than home-based diagnostic tests, because they believe that hospitals are centers of expertise (Hypothesis 1). However, the websites of online pharmacies highlight the advantages of home-based diagnostic tests (such as convenience and privacy). Exposure to an online pharmacy’s offer of home-based diagnostic tests could thus increase the likelihood of choosing a home-based test over a hospital-based diagnostic test (Hypothesis 2). Moreover, exposure to online pharmacies’ offer of home-based diagnostic tests could lead to a greater likelihood of initiating discussion with one’s doctor against a referral to a…

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