Unethical Legal Issues

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When acting unethical in a business there is a number of things that can go wrong. One result could be legal issues depending on how the action was commenced and the effect it had on the people around it. Legal issues on social media these days is really bad for business and will most certainly have a negative effect on your company. There are also fines in place if the government was to find out that there is such legal issue going on inside your company. Another effect is how such act makes the company looks towards to public. Depending on the severity of the action it could hurt the goods and services the company provides to the public. If you lose all credibility with your customers then you have no one to sell to. After credit is lost …show more content…
The authors had report that harassment can affect job satisfaction and organizational commitment, while bullying increases problems. This sort of behavior, the study report, affects perpetrators, victims and witnesses as well as associated people. For example, if bullying creates problem an organization may be less productive, leading stockholders to suffer financial losses. This ethical problem could also affect the staff at the company by making them not care about their job and which would affect their performance. An employee working for an employer or company with unethical, deceptive, and dishonest conduct will be directly affected physically and mentally, and may even come down with emotional and health related problems because of it. Then you might have problems with legal issues like I was saying before because your former staff member might turn around and try and sue you. So that right there is going to be even more money wasted. None of their results I listed has a good outcome. Many companies have been through it and some come back and some don 't so it 's best to just practice good ethically behavior at all times so you don 't have to waste time energy and money on something that could have been avoided in the first …show more content…
How it is making you look to the public eye depending on what you did. You could be the one who as to face jail time or the one who has to pay the fines and court cause. This could affect you financial well being or even put your family at risk. If you 're not the boss then you could end up getting fired. Think about what it does to the rest of the people working there as well if they see you doing it and getting away with it. They might say to their self if he can do it so can I. If everybody in the company has that mind set you could in turn cause a lot of problems in the future. Often a lack of ethics appears because of small problems elsewhere in the business. To prevent unethical behavior, make realistic goals for your staff. If your employees are expected to achieve extremely hard quotas and goals, this could make them want to engage in unethical behavior to attempt to get the job done. Always consistently monitor your employee performance. Employees left unattended sometimes slack in their performance and take credit for someone 's tasks that were left undone. Train all employees very well because untrained employees often cut corners and make excuses for not completing work up to the standards the business

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