Effects Of Entrepreneurship On Society

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Entrepreneurship participation over the past decade has been mostly going up until a couple of years back in which there was a slight dip in the amount of people that pursued entrepreneurship. Even though there was a slight dip in entrepreneurship. The positive of common day entrepreneurship participation is that more women have joined the field while there has also been an increase in the participation of older people from the age of 50 to 64 and a lot more youth under the age of 35 is deciding to pursue entrepreneurship. The average age for a entrepreneur is 35 to 49 which is slowly expanding to have a broader spectrum because there is more diversity within the entrepreneurship field. Entrepreneurs have a great positive affect on society …show more content…
Entrepreneurship overall has a positive impact on society because of how it increases the economy but there are some negative aspects of entrepreneurship that I would like to research and bring into my research paper so I can truly tell whether or not entrepreneurship is helpful for society or not. By researching sources that support the fact that entrepreneurship has a negative effect on society will make it more clear on whether or not entrepreneurship is good or bad for society so I can show more accurate and precise data to the my readers and the audience. After researching all my facts and everything I will leave it up to the reader on whether or not entrepreneurship has a positive impact on society or a negative impact on society. Also the reader can decide whether it is beneficial to become an entrepreneur or not and how the path is and the success rate for entrepreneurs. I am going to find data that shows how people that becomes entrepreneurs can succeed and how often they succeed but also the reasons of entrepreneur failure and what causes failure. The major reason I chose this topic because I have a huge interest in this but a lot of people told me that entrepreneurship is a very risky path and I would like to research to prove what the benefits of entrepreneurship are and what are the negatives to being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship from what I have been told by majority of people is that it isn’t a path you should choose because you are most likely to fail but a few individuals have encouraged the idea of entrepreneurship because it is a form of invention and creativity. This research paper will tell me and the readers how entrepreneurship affects the society and the economy and how it affects individual entrepreneurs.

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