Effects Of Eating Sweets

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I was often irritated by people because they were constantly reminding me that I was on a diet. I couldn’t stand how they acted as though I forgot! Whenever I was following a diet, if I had a taste for something sweet from time to time--I ate it because I felt like it! I did it because I didn’t there was a crime in Me doing so. It seemed like every time I wanted something sweet, somebody would always come around, at the wrong time. It really bugged me whenever someone was getting themselves a treat, while they were telling me not to get one. I hated the frustration that stemmed from Me getting a simple dessert. It was such a headache that I had to get creative, when it came to getting my treats. I hated going through the process of hoping that no-one would see me eating sweets. That was something that I brought upon …show more content…
I didn’t see them playing with some of their friends in the back of the parking lot. I finished eating, just in time to look up and see them running towards the van. As they were running towards me, I put all the food trash in the bag, balled it up and jammed it underneath my seat. I didn’t get to spray the van before they made it to the door. Bobby opened the door, for them to put their book bags in. As he was opening the door, I only got to spray one shot of Lysol. I didn’t want the smell of the food to be as strong because I knew that they were going to be asking questions. Bobby said, “What’s that smell?” I asked, “What smell?” He responded, “It smells like food or something.” I told him, “Somebody must be cooking outside or something.” He said, “Oh.” He shrugged his shoulders, and went back to playing with Brandan and their friends. I felt kinda bad because that was the first time that I’d ever lied to any of my children. That’s just how desperately wanting to have a dessert made me. I’d resulted to lying to the

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