Fahrenheit 451 Dystopian Analysis

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“Perfection is not attainable” - Vince Lombardi. It is impossible to be or create something perfect. It is impossible to create a perfect world. A Utopia is impossible and while we are trying to create that, all we will end up doing is create a dystopian society that puts us in a barrier that is almost impossible to escape from. Ray Bradbury shows us this in the novel Fahrenheit 451. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, it is clear to see that the motif of a sense of comfort creates the clearest understanding of the negative effects of a dystopian society.We see this through loss of history, the fear of the unknown, and destruction. Loss of history gets rid of the past and the problems that happened in the past as well. In this book they feel that without the knowledge of the past, they won’t know any better than this which helps them live and think inside of the warm and cozy box and not have to explore beyond that barrier of the unknown. Bradbury portrays this in the scene where Beatty explains to Montag why all of the burning happens and how it keeps the society in control, as he writes, “‘Colored people don’t like …show more content…
This shows us the motif of a sense of comfort, and that shows us the deepest understanding of the negative effects that a dystopian society creates. We learn through this book that a dystopian society creates a lost of our past. It destroys what we once knew and lived by to create a ‘perfect’ world. It creates fear that hangs over everyones head and makes them too afraid to stand up for something that’s right. And finally it makes us destroy the things that we used to have, like in this book, books. We lose the history that we once had so we can no longer learn from problems that happened in the past. A dystopian society has many negative effects that just dig a deeper hole, and Bradbury shows us this through the motif of a sense of

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