Effects Of Dysfunctional Families

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In this research paper, my main focus is on how dysfunctional families can make a great damage on children’s mental health. I am trying my best to find out if the main cause of why children develop mental problems because of not being around a well stabilized family. Children and their mental growth are very important as they are growing by. I will be focusing on the relationship of three things, which are parental substance abuse, domestic violence and parental mental health, on children’s mental health.
Parents with substance abuse are more likely to have children with mental health problems than are parents without substance abuse. Parents who are abusers of substances can make their children suffer emotionally. Researchers have demonstrated
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Children having parents with this kind of problem will feel not love because their parents do not have love enough to be able to stop the substances. This way of children way of thinking will make to blame themselves because their parent’s substance abuse. In some cases, this type of problems cause by the substance abuse of the parents makes the children feel frightened and also be socially isolated. By these parents with this substance abuse not being under control, it can also make an interruption in their children not having a normal development. Children will also begin to start feeling depressive, anxiety, eating disorders, and also commit suicide. In a way that child can develop because of parental substance abuse is stress-related health problem. For example, if the father is the only income in the house and because of the substance abuse problem loses the job, the house, the car and other valuable possessions, this case can cause the child to have stress-related problem such as, like gastrointestinal disorders, headaches, migraines, or asthma. Parental substance abuse causes a trauma on children, …show more content…
Mothers during their prenatal stage can make mentally and physically damages to their babies. Prenatal stage is the stage where the human embryo, where later gets into a fetus develops during fertilization until birth. During the gestational stage, the fetus has acquired the base form. After the gestational stage, it goes into the fetal development which is where the organs become completely develop. During the prenatal stage, since being a stage of an embryo to completely develop if a mother is a substance abuser than it will leave really bad disabilities to the baby. Researchers suggest that a fetus can have some damage if the mother uses cocaine during pregnancy. Some of the effects that the fetus can have, but are not the only one, are reduced birth weight, physical, mental, emotional and developmental problems, brain damage, poor coordination, and slower growth patterns (E. Moore, A. Moore, Madison, & Collins 2005). For instance, one type of drug that can cause problems to a baby if a pregnant consumes it is Amphetamine. Amphetamine is a drug that stimulus the central nervous system, which is can be use it as a drug and also as a treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), narcolepsy and obesity. A research made by Phupong and Darojn, these researchers found out that pregnant women were very expose to develop complications during pregnancy, such as anemia,

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