Wood Venting Essay

While working with wood there are health hazards that can come from dust in the air. Presently in any shop there should be some form of dust venting because if there is no venting several health hazards can be present such as, cancers, allergies, and skin irritants. While most industries have state of the art venting is it really enough to prevent what most employees and most health care professionals really fear when it comes to cancerous diseases and other health born issues.
Whether working with industrial tools or hand held tools as long as both are correctly vented you will not have issues with the health exposures present from certain types of wood. The main issues present from these types of woods held in certain concentrates can cause
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With this the industries must greatly increase the venting when it comes to proper handling of dust. The author states (Herberg, 1983, P. 210) individuals in typical occupations could get nose and sinus issues leading up to carcinogenic diseases. Further publications by (Varsha and David, 2006, P. 210) led to believe that there was no doubt there are carcinogenic diseases that comes from the chemical content in the wood substance, products used on the wood.
Allergic symptoms was also present when it came to poorly vented layouts and also caused asthma, and poor lung functioning conditions for an individual from what the authoher sated (Nylander and Dement, 1993, P.210). The author states (Vallières, 2015, P1.) background from the studies done in Montreal, Canada have led to believe that lung cancer is one of the most common and lethal carcinogenic disease in occupational exposures to wood dust with millions of workers exposed on any given day. The author states (Vallières, 2015 P. 5) in their studies wood dust was one of the most prevalent exposure for males on all studies totaling over eighteen thousand jobs, however one thousand nine hundred and six jobs were considered exposed to higher trace amounts of wood dust and led to
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Why the author is stating this is because out of the many cases he and his colleagues go over this was the most common health disease they found ranging from all of the wood working occupations they studied from. The Author goes on to state the areas where the cancers were all spreading with Bladder being the highest of 17%. The author then goes further into the studies to state how nonsmokers were lower than smokers that was part of the case study and this was a contributing factor to their analysis. This being said the author means by this is that their study was based off of smokers versus non-smokers and with that the non-smokers were not getting the cancer like the smokers was. This is leading to believe that the smokers were causing their own cancer by the smoking instead of wood dust. Worldwide millions of people can be exposed on any given day to the dust made from wood when they are sawing, cutting, sanding, forming, and much more if we have elevated risk dust why is there not something done about it right

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