Effects Of Drunk Driving

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A recently married couple was driving on the freeway when a drunken woman hit their car. The husband was killed in this tragic accident. This incident could have easily been avoided if that woman had made one simple choice, to not drink and drive. This is just one person’s story out of the millions affected by drunk driving. Drunk driving not only affects the victim, but it also affects the driver. Some drunk drivers are killed because of their foolish actions. On January 15, 2000 Chris and two of his friends were at a stoplight. A car hit them from behind and they calculated the driver going about 70 miles per hour. Witnesses got the other two boys out of the car, unfortunately Chris was stuck in the vehicle and they could not get him out. …show more content…
You are six times more likely to have a crash if your alcohol level reaches .08 grams. It takes 20-40 minutes for alcohol to reach your brain and take affect. Alcohol has an alarming affect on the parts of the brain that control your judgment and motor skills. The more you drink the more difficult it becomes for you to rationally make decisions, and control yourself and your vehicle. To be legally intoxicated it only takes three mixed drinks, three glasses of wine, or three bottles of beer. If you have one drink every hour after those three drinks you will stay drunk. Drunk driving causes about half of national crashes a year. This number is about 16,000 crashes a year. Using drugs and driving has the same effect as drinking and driving. Studies show that people who use marijuana make more driving mistakes, are arrested for more traffic violations, and are more likely to be bothered by another cars’ headlights. When you make the deadly decision to drink and drive you are putting your life, and the lives of others on the road around you in danger. If you drink make sure you have a designated driver who will not drink to ensure you make it home

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