Essay Effects Of Drugs Use During Pregnancy

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The full extent of the effects of cocaine use during pregnancy are not known. This is partially due to the fact that mothers are not usually truthful about drug use during pregnancy. Another issue is the fact that cocaine quickly leaves the body making it harder to detect use via urine drug test. It is also difficult to determine the effects of cocaine use during pregnancy, is that cocaine is rarely used exclusively. It is commonly accompanied with alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and/or other illegal drugs. Not to mention the amount (if any) of prenatal care received during pregnancy, exposure to violence, nutrition of the mother, sexually transmitted diseases exposure and other health conditions of the mother all can play a factor into what the outcome of the pregnancy ("Cocaine”, 2010).

The fetus/infant are not the only ones’ effected by cocaine use during the pregnancy. The mother is effected as well, but let’s first explore what happens when one uses cocaine. A euphoric like state is achieved quickly, but last for a mere thirty minutes. Some of the side effects on the person using the drug include tachycardia, irritability, hypertension, depression, fatigue and a strong urge to do more cocaine looking to achieve the euphoric state previously experienced. This is a vicious cycle that leads to the addiction to the drug. The person is on a never-ending task of achieving and maintaining this euphoric state. Some of the more severe maternal side effects are pulmonary…

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